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Software Engineering

Equip yourself with the basic gear for the challenging journey from requirements analysis to a viable software design. Travel agilely with light but essential luggage, develop a consistent method suitable for your needs for the entire journey, and always keep the business benefit in focus.

Most of our trainings are available in German.

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  • Evaluating Tools

    Resolve the question of suitable tools with the help of an independent consultant. We support both in defining an effective and efficient evaluation process and in the tool assessment itself, incorporating our experience from various projects.

  • Appraising Models

    Gain confidence in modeling and be inspired for ongoing improvement. By clarifying your models, you also enhance the quality of your processes and results, ensuring that nothing remains undiscovered.

  • Qualification Concepts

    Together with you, we develop customized qualification concepts that are aligned with your specific goals and build on the current level of experience in your teams. We employ various forms tailored to the target group, such as individual seminars, workshops, coaching, training-on-the-job, etc.

  • Creating Specifications

    Optimize the mutual benefits of the collaboration between client and contractor through individually tailored and optimized specification design. Create clarity in communication through modeling and achieve high efficiency in the approach by detailing to a depth that matches the complexity of a requirement.

  • From IT Requirement to Design – Methodology Consulting

    Apply the extensively tested methodology from our bestseller "Analysis and Design with UML 2.5" by Bernd Oestereich. We assist you in adapting the methods to your needs.

  • From Business Requirement to IT Requirement – Methodology Consulting

    Let our business process methodology BizMod be easily adapted to your individual conditions, thus reducing friction losses in representation. Create an excellent foundation for the clean interrelation between business processes and IT requirements through the individually adapted methodology.

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