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UML tools


The choice of the modeling environment is one important element to model-based systems engineering (MBSE). The feature list of a particular tool is not sufficient to judge on the tool’s appropriateness for your organization. A crucial factor is the ability to integrate the modeling tool into the legacy environment. Interoperability and customizability are as important as usability and standard conformity.

Do this:
• Identify modeling users, stakeholder and related requirements
• Define the crucial modeling use cases as well their in- and output
• Identify workflows and interfaces with other engineering tools
• Evaluate tool candidates with appropriate test cases
• Make your MBSE environment to subject of continuous improvement

Do not do that:
• Buy a tool license based on the tool’s feature list
• Apply the software modeling tool for systems engineering
• Nice diagrams are more important than the data underneath
• Underestimate the importance of usability and standard conformity
• Let IT purchase the licenses

oose eG offers support to your organisation during introduction of MBSE. We may support with requirements to the modeling environment, during evaluation of respective solutions, by backing pilot projects or the customization of development processes and methods.

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