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General Terms and Conditions for Open Seminars

1 Protective clause and conclusion of the contract

1.1   The following terms and conditions are valid for all public seminars of oose eG.

1.2 The contract terms for attending and organizing seminars shall be based solely on the terms and conditions for public seminars of oose eG. This even applies if the customer is working based on its own General Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions of both Parties shall apply in as far as they are identical; if they differ, the statutory provisions shall apply instead of the differing terms. If only one Party has covered a certain subject in their Terms and Conditions, this provision shall be incorporated into the contract.

1.3  Registrations must be in writing or in text form. You will promptly receive a confirmation of registration in text form (Section 126a of the German Civil Code (BGB)) or in writing.  You will not be entitled to attend the seminar without a written confirmation of registration. The confirmation email that we send out immediately after the receipt of the registration merely serves to inform you that you have registered for a certain seminar and does not represent an acceptance of your offer. Before acceptance, we first must check whether a sufficient number of places are still available.

1.4   Registrations will be considered in the sequence in which they are received; the possible number of participants is limited for each seminar.

2 Cancellations or Rebookings

Up to 21 days before the start of the seminar, cancellation or rebooking is free of charge. From 21 days before the start of the seminar, rebooking is possible with a processing fee of EUR 50.00, and cancellation is not allowed. Naming an alternative participant is permitted.

If you claim an early booking discount, you may cancel up to 90 days before the seminar at no charge. After that date, you have to supply a replacement or pay the full fee. If a participant who has registered for a seminar does not turn up or only attends sporadically, the full fee must nevertheless be paid. The cancellation or rebooking takes place in writing by email.

3 Guaranteed date

Provided that a date guarantee to an open seminar is noted, you have immediate planning certainty. The guaranteed date does not apply if the seminar must be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, particularly force majeure (including confirmed illness of the coach, breakdown of the heating, strikes, natural disasters, etc.) For the cancellation, the regulations under point 4.2 apply.

4 Minimum number of participants

4.1    If an insufficient number of binding registrations has been received for seminars without a guaranteed date up to 14 days before the beginning of the seminar (the minimum number of participants is usually 7), the seminar may not take place.

4.2    The seminar may be canceled for organizational reasons or due to illness on the part of the instructor. Any seminar fees that you have already paid will be reimbursed. You shall have no further claims.

5 Seminar fees

5.1    Unless otherwise stated, the seminar costs for public seminars (i.e., seminars that may be booked by anyone) are always quoted per participant.

5.2    Invoices will be issued immediately after the seminar. The participation fees are due immediately upon receipt of the invoice or on the specified due date . A cash discount deduction is excluded unless a different arrangement has been individually and in writing agreed upon before the conclusion of the contract.

5.3 Invoices and payment reminders shall be sent digitally to the registering person unless agreed otherwise.

5.4    The billing address must be specified when registering. In the event of a correction after invoicing, a processing fee of EUR 60.00 will be charged.

5.5    All prices are quoted exclusive of statutory VAT.

6 Scope of the services

The scope of the services is shown in the description of the services offered by the seminar. Traveling expenses and the costs of accommodation are not included in the seminar fees.

7 Repeaters

The following restrictions apply to the free repeat option described for certain seminars:

  • The opportunity for repetition is only available to regularly paying individuals who have not received any discounts.

  • The repeat option is limited to 24 months from the first day of the original seminar participation and can only be used once.

  • The repeat option is personal and non-transferable and is only valid for this exact seminar.

  • Repeat participation can only take place as live online training or at the oose.campus in Hamburg.

  • If this seminar is no longer offered within the repetition period, there is no entitlement to repetition.

  • The registration for the repetition can be made at the earliest one month before the start of the seminar and is considered binding, i.e., in case of cancellation, the repetition opportunity is considered used up.

  • Participants, who repeat a seminar free of charge, will not receive new seminar materials or books and will pay a catering fee to the contractor.

  • For the repetition of examinations offered by external bodies, the then valid fees per participant are to be paid again for each case of repetition.

8 Discounts

8.1    The oose eG reserves the right to offer discounts on products or services at its own discretion and under the respective terms and conditions. The allocation of discounts is based on oose's internal guidelines and business practices and may vary depending on the product, service, sales promotion, or other factors.

8.2    The terms and conditions for granting discounts are specified in separate offers, advertising campaigns, or contracts. These conditions may include the discount amount, the period of discount provision, eligible products or services, minimum order quantities, and other relevant information.

8.3    Customers who meet the discount conditions are entitled to apply the specified discount to the purchase price. Discounts are granted automatically during the order or purchase process according to the established conditions, or after the application of a discount code or another specific method.

8.4   oose reserves the right to change, suspend, or withdraw discounts at any time and without prior notice. However, discount changes are not applied retroactively and do not affect already completed transactions or orders.

8.5 Among other things, the following discounts are possible for selected products and periods. The availability and amount of the discount, as well as the potentially allowed or excluded combination with other discounts, are clearly indicated at the time of booking.

8.5.1 Early Bird Discount: If you book definitively up to 90 days in advance (no cancellation option), you may receive a discount.

8.5.2 Colleague Discount: If you register for the same seminar that a colleague has already registered for, we may grant you a discount.

8.5.3 Private Customer Discount: Participants who privately pay the course fees (i.e., the invoice recipient is an individual) may receive a discount, subject to availability.

9 Copyright

We reserve all rights, including rights to the translation and the reprint and duplication of the training documents or any parts of them, if they are protected by copyright. No part of the training documents may be used for commercial purposes without the written permission of oose eG and may not be duplicated, disseminated, or made available to others via public networks.

10 Liability

We shall be liable only once for damage that we have caused, with damages being limited to the type of risk typical for the contract at the time of its conclusion. All further liability is excluded. This limitation of liability does not include damage to life, limb, and/or health and/or breaches of guarantees, nor damage caused intentionally or fraudulently. Nor does this affect claims under the Product Liability Act. ooseeG is not liable for the seminars of third-party coaches and organizers in whose name oose eG manages the registrations and issues the invoices.

11 Miscellaneous

oose eG has the right to mention the participant's company in its list of customers. If any provision of this contract or any supplementary agreement should be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of this contract and the supplementary agreements. The Parties agree that all legal relations resulting from this contractual relationship shall be governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. If the customer is a businessperson (Kaufmann) within the meaning of the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch), a legal entity under public law, or the custodian of a special public sector fund, it is agreed that the sole venue for all disputes arising within the framework of this contractual relationship shall be Hamburg.

12 eLearning

12.1 If required, the Supplement eLearning applies.

13 Note for private Individuals

13.1  According to Section 2, Paragraph 1, No. 2, Seventh Book of the Social Code - SGB VII, private individuals are insured against accidents during participation in a seminar.

13.2  The right of the parties to extraordinarily terminate this contract for an important reason is determined according to the mandatory legal provisions of the German Civil Code (§ 626 BGB).

14 Data protection

14.1  Regarding compliance with data regulations, our data protection declaration applies, which can be viewed and accessed on our website (www.oose.com/privacy)

Valid from 30.11.2023, oose eG, Schomburgstr. 50, 22767 Hamburg