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OMG Certified UML Professional (OCUP2)

First-hand knowledge - we are co-developers of the certification.

With this certificate, you can prove that you are proficient in the UML modeling language.

Only the language is actually tested. Questions of application within the framework of a method are not included. Whether you are a good computer scientist is therefore neither confirmed nor refuted by the exam. Good knowledge of UML can be an important building block for this.

The exam is based on UML 2.5.1, with an emphasis on the practical application of the language rather than knowledge of the language architecture.

In principle, anyone who already has some experience with UML can pass the exam. Nevertheless, we recommend the preparation course. Here we go into the tricky details that are important in a language exam. We know quite well what is important, as we have contributed some exam questions ourselves.

The following certificates can be obtained:

OMG-Certified UML Professional 2 Foundation [OCUP2-F]

In the first stage, basic UML knowledge is tested. This also includes general questions on the motivation behind modeling. It includes the elements of class, object, package, activity, sequence, state and use case diagrams that every modeler and viewer of UML diagrams needs. Those who have prepared for the exam will be able to read and create UML models of systems.
to the Vorbereitungskurs

OMG-Certified UML Professional 2 Intermediate [OCUP2-I]

The second level is for architects, analysts and developers and covers both breadth and depth. New diagram types are covered, such as composition structure and component diagrams, and model elements are added that are needed, for example, to model enterprise-wide distributed systems. For technical team leaders, testers, data modelers or writers of technical documentation, this certificate is the right progression beyond Foundation.

OMG-Certified UML Professional 2 Advanced ) [OCUP2-A]

The third and highest level covers the remaining concepts of UML. As a UML guru, you should acquire this certificate. But also if you are in technical management and decide on analysis, design and development methods or evaluate results.


Is there a sequence for the exams?

Yes, the individual certificates must be taken one after the other, i.e. for the "OMG-Certified UML Professional Intermediate" the "OMG-Certified UML 2 Professional Foundation" is a prerequisite and for the "OMG-Certified UML 2 Professional Advanced" the "OMG-Certified UML 2 Professional Intermediate" is a prerequisite.

How does the exam take place?

The exam is in English. It is a multiple-choice test that is conducted interactively on a computer. You cannot use any documents or aids. Registration takes place on site. You will receive all information directly at the seminar.

I already know UML well. Do I need the preparation course?

Knowing the UML in theory and practice and passing the OMG test are, in our experience, different things. The test contains some surprises and partly asks about facts that are not considered in books and whose relevance is not immediately apparent. With very good UML knowledge, passing the test is possible – however, for those who want to pass with certainty or achieve a high score, our 1-day preparation course including the test should be attended.

What is the failure rate?

According to the OMG, 20 - 25% is quite common. With the participants prepared by us, the rate is significantly lower!

How can I prepare for the exam?

oose offers a preparation course (in German) for the certification. Basic UML knowledge and experience are required for the preparation and exam. The certification is not suitable for UML beginners! Instead, UML beginners should attend a basic UML course at oose and first gain experience with UML.

For your own preparation, you can download the exam content from the following links:

Of course, you can also study the UML specification(www.omg.org/spec/UML/Current) itself (version 2.5 is easier to read than before).

More details https://www.omg.org/ocup-2/ 

Are there practice questions for certification?

There are some collections of questions available on the internet. We have not verified their usefulness. Unfortunately, we do not have our own practice questions.

Where does the exam take place?

You can take the exam directly following the preparation course at oose. If you prefer not to take the exam as part of a seminar at our location, you can schedule an appointment at any PearsonVUE test center. The option of taking the exam online from home is also available.

Do I have to take the preparation course?

No, you can take the test at any authorized PearsonVUE test center anywhere in the world at any time without preparation. However, having a good understanding of UML 2.0 and passing the test are not the same thing. Many participants with very good UML knowledge have reported that the preparation course was still essential for them, even after successfully completing the test.

Who is the test from? Who are OMG and PearsonVUE?

The Object Management Group (OMG) is an international industry consortium that holds the rights to UML. The OMG developed the test (i.e., the content or questions). For the administration of the test, the OMG has enlisted the services of the international test delivery specialist, PearsonVUE. PearsonVUE establishes the organizational and formal framework for the tests. In every major city, there are one or more authorized PearsonVUE Test Centers. oose is a member of the OMG, has been involved as a beta tester for the UML test (for all three levels), initiated the UML certification program in Germany in collaboration with the OMG, and regularly provides preparation courses and test administration. Our trainers are certified, and we have successfully guided almost all of our clients through the test – so, we understand what it entails. However, the exact test questions are confidential and not known to us either.

When will I receive my certificate?

The results of the exam will be immediately communicated to you. If you pass, we will send you the official OMG certificate approximately 2 months after the exam by mail.

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

The exam may be retaken at the earliest 30 calendar days after the last exam. You have a maximum of 3 attempts within 12 months.

How much does the certification cost?

The exam at the test center costs 290 €. This price is standardized and set by the OMG. It does not include attending a preparation course. We offer a 1-day certification course (preparation + test) for the "Foundation" level.

Can I take the Intermediate level straight away?

he levels build on each other. You will receive the certificate for a higher level only if you have successfully completed the level(s) below it. Therefore, you cannot skip any levels.

Is it important to complete all three levels?

No, as a regular software developer and UML user, the Fundamental level is sufficient. If you are a software architect, consultant, or external service provider, and UML is a crucial part of your work, then you should aim for OMG-Certified UML 2 Professional Intermediate. The Advanced level is recommended for those offering UML training, working with Model Driven Architecture (MDA), or developing UML tools.

I am already OCUP1-certified. Do I have to get re-certified now?

Yes and no. The OCUP1 certificate is valid indefinitely, so you do not need to get recertified. However, as UML has evolved, the new exam assesses more practical, up-to-date knowledge. Therefore, the certificate demonstrates that you have stayed current and mastered the new content.

How long is the certificate valid for?

The OCUP2-F certificate is valid for 5 years. If you acquire a higher level of certification during this time, the clock resets. However, if the certificate expires, you must revisit the fundamental levels before pursuing a higher level.