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Requirements Engineering & UX

Find out what your customer really needs. Help your customer recognize the requirements that truly advance their goals. Encourage your developers to understand the customer.

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  • Human-Centered Development – Usability and User Experience

    Optimal usability and the best possible user experience of interactive systems are not the result of chance. Learn the methodological foundations to understand usage contexts and specify usage requirements and interactions. Gain confidence in the application of evaluation methods on the way to the best solution. Learn how to implement human-centered design processes for interactive systems based on the international ISO 9241 series of standards (Ergonomics of Human-System Interaction) in your context.

  • Reviewing Documents and Models

    Gain confidence in documenting and modeling and be inspired for continuous improvement. Through the clarity of your models, you also increase the quality of your processes and results and ensure that nothing remains undetected.

  • Establishing Agile Requirements Engineering

    Requirements are rarely stable over a longer period. Agile approaches have long since come to terms with this fact and try to work more flexibly and beneficially with pragmatic and lightweight approaches – successfully. Has the proven toolkit of requirements engineering and analysis become superfluous? Probably not. However, what changes is the way these methods and tools are handled.

  • Modeling Requirements

    Make the relationships of your requirements transparent and reduce the efforts to maintain documents and lists for traceability. We help you to apply model-based requirements engineering at various levels of detail.

  • Process Consulting

    Develop individually tailored and implementable processes with our experienced consultants that benefit and not hinder your work. Use the concept of retrospectives to continuously optimize your processes and derive clear and prioritized requirements from them.

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