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Design Thinking

Question seemingly clear facts and project mandates, empathize with people, and gain entirely new insights about the actual challenges. Design game-changing solutions and groundbreaking products, services, or organizational forms. Fulfill the needs of people and organizations that they themselves have not yet been able to articulate.

Most of our trainings are available in German.

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  • Creating Open and Creative Work Environments

    Do you want to create a work environment typical for Design Thinking in your company and clear away the existing obstacles to this? We provide consulting or coaching for you.

  • Team Building and Dynamics through Design Thinking

    Unlike many typical outdoor team-building events, participants in Design Thinking do not face completely atypical challenges, but rather undergo team-building processes across hierarchies in a realistic context.

  • Experiencing and Understanding Design Thinking

    To truly understand how Design Thinking (DT) enables us to come up with new and compelling solution ideas, it's best to try it out together with colleagues using a real, non-trivial challenge from your organization in a custom-designed workshop. Refocus your attention, let yourself be swept away by a fundamentally faster pace of work, and effortlessly develop more convincing ideas in terms of content.

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