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What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a current methodology and collection of tools for developing radically new approaches to solutions, innovative ideas and prototypes for complex problems. The design thinking methodology provides answers in an age of increasing global, networked value creation and complexity.

The approach is attracting increasing attention and is being used in both well-known companies and degree programs.

In order to position themselves strategically well in competition, medium-sized companies and large corporations are relying on the application of Design Thinking and are even setting up their own management positions for this purpose. In the university sector, over 40 universities worldwide integrate the design thinking methodology and use it in various courses of study (e.g. business informatics, design and engineering).

The common goal is to focus on customer needs and use them to discover innovative products, new services or optimized forms of organization.

How long has Design Thinking been around?

The first publications on design thinking were published as early as 1987, but in this case they were aimed at understanding the approach of architects and urban planners, i.e. designers in the true sense of the word. Since 1991, research conferences have been held to further develop the methodology. The founders of the design and innovation agency IDEO (Winograd, Leiffer and Kelley) are regarded as the developers of today's design thinking methodology.

The establishment of the "d.schools" at Stanford University and the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, sponsored by SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner, gave a major boost to the spread of the design thinking methodology.

Design Thinking at oose

At oose, we see design thinking as a connecting element and intersection of various topics, including requirements and business process management, agile project management, change processes and organizational development.

In addition to innovative, new approaches to solutions, the design thinking methodology can ensure the alignment of projects and a common understanding within the development team. Through design thinking, we make the "WHAT" for the project tangible as a prototype, the implementation decision or planning then takes place in further steps.

oose offers customer-specific design thinking workshops for the development of innovative products, services and/or organizational forms, as well as open seminars to learn the design thinking methodology.

With an individually coached training programme, we guide the participants to carry out the design thinking workshops in their organization themselves.