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Business Processes

Create clarity for all key stakeholders and their different perspectives using surprisingly simple tools. Learn about BPMN as a uniform notation for process flows and dependencies as a solid foundation – both for automation purposes and for purely organizational processes.

Most of our trainings are available in German.

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  • Reducing Complexity

    Tasks are becoming more diverse and systems more complicated. Gain an overview by having a review of your process landscape by an oose expert as a neutral third party. Based on this, organizational development projects or IT requirements gathering, for example, can be built. We support you with role-appropriate training for your business analysts, process managers, or workflow engineers.

  • Understanding Enterprise Architectures

    Gain an overview of the interplay between your IT systems and business activities. Design the structure and architecture of your IT landscape to be able to act quickly and appropriately in response to future adjustments and requirements of your business model.

  • Designing Workflows

    Implement a workflow management system to ensure the flexibility of your processes and thereby the future viability of your business.

  • Methodology Consulting

    Benefit from our BizMod methodology, which combines the most profitable elements of BPMN, UML, and business architecture. Tailor it precisely to your needs. This reduces transfer losses in implementation and accelerates the return on investment.

  • Optimizing Business Processes

    Reduce throughput times and costs by continuously improving your processes and ensuring appropriate support from your software.