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Software Architecture

Develop the ability to methodically make difficult-to-reverse decisions. Balance the design efforts based on architectural requirements and risks in a pragmatic way. Document your results in a comprehensible manner and evaluate the usability of existing and emerging software systems.

Most of our trainings are available in German.

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  • Balance Contradictory Requirements

    Software design involves making decisions. Find the right balance for realizing qualitative or non-functional requirements that optimally harmonize with the implementation of functional requirements.

  • Document Architectures

    Grown historically? We assist in capturing existing and emerging structures in a form that truly benefits you. Accurate documentation aids in communicating your decisions and prevents the dilution of your architecture.

  • Evaluate Architectures

    Gain insight into your software architecture and make clear statements about its future-proofing. In the workshop, you'll also learn how to conduct regular evaluations yourself and develop strategies for your architecture.