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Soft Skills & New Work

Encounter approaches that focus on the human being and their capabilities. Learn how to address complexity and dynamics with collaborative and self-organized approaches. Experience how leadership is lived differently in agile organizations.

Most of our trainings are available in German.

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  • Developing Teams

    Especially in agile contexts, a good team is the foundation of a successful company. Through individually tailored team workshops, we support you in improving collaboration among team members. We can help you clarify team roles, uncover conflict areas, optimize processes and structures, or develop common goals and visions.

  • Developing Organizations

    As a self-organized company, we speak from experience. Benefit from our insights on the journey to the new world of work. We support you in establishing agile and self-organized principles that suit you, as our most important realization is that companies are as diverse as people and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Benefit from our toolkit full of tools and measures tailored to your needs, challenges, employees, and values.

  • Individual Coaching

    In our personal coachings, you have the opportunity to recognize your personal chances and potentials and use them specifically in your professional development. Become aware of your values and your own role, and benefit from our external perspective. We support you on your personal journey. We show you the right methods so that your inner attitude matches your external sphere of influence – for a convincing, authentic presence.