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Tool Evaluation

Workshop for Selecting a Modeling Tool

Are you engaged in system modeling and faced with the decision to choose a UML or SysML modeling tool? Have you noticed that the market offers a multitude of modeling tools and would like to select the tool that best suits your needs?

Tap into the extensive experience of our trainers and consultants who use various tools in seminars and consultations. We assist you in a 1-day workshop to identify a suitable selection of modeling tools tailored to your individual needs. The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Overview of the current market situation

  • Identifying your specific requirements for the modeling tool

  • Establishing your decision criteria

  • Prioritizing the decision criteria

  • Defining criteria for the evaluation phase

  • Developing a strategic direction and outlook

As moderators, we employ experienced oose coaches with additional specialized expertise in the field of modeling.

Specific content will be clarified in advance as part of the preparation and tailored to the group. During the workshop, we dynamically respond to new topics or a new prioritization of content and modify the agenda accordingly.

The result of the workshop will be a decision catalog and a selection of modeling tools suitable for a subsequent evaluation phase.