Company Internal Training

You can book this seminar as company internal training. We can conduct the seminar either in person at your location or online.


In this seminar you will learn how to secure your web applications against the most common and dangerous attacks. You will systematically learn about the most critical security vulnerabilities and try them out on a sample application. Step by step you will mitigate these risks and learn how easy it can be to avoid serious mistakes. The concepts you learn are independent of specific technologies and can certainly be applied to your project.

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  • You are experienced with at least one programming language and know the basics of web development, i.e. terms like: http, HTML, browser, service.
  • Helpful but not mandatory are basic knowledge in SQL and JavaScript
  • The exercises will take place in Java, but you do not need special Java knowledge


We take responsibility for the environment through sustainable, holistic action. This is one of our core values at oose. For us, this means critically questioning every aspect of our actions as a company and focusing on sustainable business practices rather than short-term profits. That's why oose is a partner in the UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg and certified by ÖKOPROFIT®.

Funding Opportunities and Educational Leave

We are a member of Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V.! Information about this, as well as which federal state you can get educational leave from us, and what funding opportunities are available for open seminars, can be found here. If interested, please contact