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Are you new to software testing? Do you want to know how to apply software testing methods and how to organize testing in a structured approach?

The Certified Tester Foundation Level class will touch all these topics and is part of the most widespread software testing certification scheme around the world.

In this class we will among other things deal with the following topics:

  • What is testing?
  • How can testing be organized?
  • What are reviews and how can you organize them?
  • What different approaches are there to design tests?
  • What methods are there to deduce tests from requirements?
  • How can testing be managed?
  • How can tools help you testing?

To acquire the certification you will need to take the accompanying examination.

Our experienced teacher will not just prepare you for the examination, but will present you real-world examples of how the contents can be applied and what pitfalls there might be.

After visiting this class, you will have heard of the fundamental concepts of software testing and you will have been introduced to the basic terminology used within the software testing profession.

The class and the material used will be in English.

Benefit from the years of experience and testing expertise of our ISTQB® certified trainers.

  • Your way to the certification

    In case of a on-premise training, the 60-minute exam for the "ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level" (according to the current syllabus 2018) takes place directly afterwards, in case of a live online training on a date of your choice, you will receive further information after registration.

  • SkillsClub

    Become a member of the SkillsClub, the largest club with certified experts from all over the world.

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There are no requirements for this class. A general understanding of software development can be helpful. Coding knowledge is not required.

Company Internal Training

You can book this seminar as company internal training. We can conduct the seminar either in person at your location or online.

Follow-up trainings

Funding Opportunities and Educational Leave

We are a member of Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V.! Information about this, as well as which federal state you can get educational leave from us, and what funding opportunities are available for open seminars, can be found here. If interested, please contact


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