Company Internal Training

You can book this seminar as company internal training. We can conduct the seminar either in person at your location or online.


In this training, you will experience how software architecture can be created in an iterative approach using a concrete case study. On the fourth day the exam for iSAQB “Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level” will be taken.

What exactly is and what isn’t software architecture? This training will teach you the relationship between requirements, architecture development, architecture evaluation and implementation. In the training you will employ methods and techniques such as system context and quality scenarios to determine and record the architecture-relevant requirements of your project. Then, fundamental decisions, technical components, patterns, interfaces and deployment concepts of the software are methodically designed and documented. Employing architecture evaluation methods, you will learn how to communicate with various stakeholders and how to obtain qualified feedback, which goes beyond a cloudy "I don't like it that way". Instead, it is concrete, explicit and useful.

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Funding Opportunities and Educational Leave

We are a member of Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V.! Information about this, as well as which federal state you can get educational leave from us, and what funding opportunities are available for open seminars, can be found here. If interested, please contact


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