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OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP)

First-hand knowledge - we are co-developers of the certification.

The OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) certification program offers 4 certificates that demonstrate expertise in SysML and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). After the OCUP, OCRES and OCEB certification programs, it is the fourth certification program of the OMG.

The aim of OCSMP is to provide a benchmark for SysML and MBSE knowledge. OCSMP not only addresses OMG standards, but also asks for general knowledge about model-based systems engineering. Accordingly, the reference list includes not only the current OMG SysML specification, but also various articles and books, e.g. the book Systems Engineering with SysML/UML by Tim Weilkiens. You can find a list of all references here.

The certification program has been developed by an international team of experts. These include, for example, the project manager Jon Siegel from OMG, Sanford Friedenthal from Lockheed Martin and Tim Weilkiens from oose eG.

Everything from a single source

Our preparation courses can be booked including the certification exam. The exam takes place directly at our premises. We are an authorized examination center.

Everything at first hand

oose was actively involved in the development of the certification program. We defined the content and wrote the questions. With us, you get first-hand knowledge.

Preparation courses

Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML incl. Certification - in English

The Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML incl. Certification - in English training including OCSMP certification combines the Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML- in English methodology seminar with the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional Model User certification.

The certification exams take place directly after the preparation course in our Pearson test center. Please note the Pearson registration regulations.