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Rüdiger Forster


Rüdiger Forster is a freelancer and has many years of experience in organizational development and change management in the healthcare industry. He conducts training courses for oose in the field of "Digitalization of healthcare organizations".

As a freelance consultant, project manager, trainer and coach, Rüdiger Foster supports companies in change processes. He gained his professional experience in the Johnson & Johnson Group. In various management positions in the areas of Sales, Supply Chain & Logistics, Customer Service and Customer Experience, he has designed and implemented customer-oriented developments.

In addition to extensive reorganizations, he has also carried out various projects in digital process management. The experience of leading teams through change or introducing digital processes has shaped his everyday life. Due to his pronounced systemic view and its effects on the environment, he is convinced that regular and clear communication as well as the involvement of technical experts and those affected are crucial for the success of a reorganization.

In addition to finding the right technologies and the required skills, customer satisfaction is a success criterion that is particularly important to him.