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Dr. Michael Hofmann


As a consultant and trainer, I help customers to develop software more effectively and efficiently. In 1984, I programmed my first piece of software on an Italian-made PC. Since then, software development has accompanied me through my studies and career. I have been working in the IT industry since 1999 - first as a developer, then as a software architect and finally as a project and business unit manager. What I find exciting about software development is the analysis and optimization of complex systems through communicative teamwork - after all, it's "peopleware". It is important to me to create an environment in which teams become learning units through self-reflection. My main areas of focus are: in management: agile project management with the specializations Scrum and Lean/Kanban and for soft skills training: conflict management, communication and agile leadership.

In my private life, I am learning a lot myself: on the one hand about the mechanisms of agile teams from a psychological perspective, and on the other hand, as the father of two sons, about being a parent.

Michael has been a freelance member of oose eG since March 2019.

Michael Hofmann | Arbeitswandel GmbH