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Björn Schorre


As a consultant and trainer at oose, my main focus is on the topics of Requirements Engineering and Systems Engineering.

Early in my career, I realized that many problems in system development can be solved through good and open communication. Therefore, it is important to me that the teams in the development environments express and record the wishes and requirements for the system to be developed, discuss them, and thus build a common understanding.

Known as Mr. Specification Document, I help companies document the input parameters for their developments in the specification documents. Because of my work in the telecommunications, automotive, and automation industries, I am familiar with the problems of many organizations and can use my experiential knowledge to help others address their project risks appropriately.

Privately, I love to engage in sports. As a triathlete, I am active in water, on a racing bike, or on foot in nature. But just hiking a few kilometers or climbing a mountain brings me joy as well.

Since January 2023, I have been a freelance member of oose eG.