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Annabell Vetter


Earlier, I dreamed of becoming a prosecutor. Two semesters of law school and several professional detours later, my journey led me into the colorful world of marketing – a fortunate coincidence. Because now you'll find me in marketing at oose, where I can showcase my skills in social media management and online marketing. As a true organizational talent, I love exploring new paths and creatively spreading our message to the world.

When the computer shuts down, I embark on adventures with Jonte, my faithful miniature dachshund, who has managed to completely change my opinion about dachshunds. My home? A small jungle, as I have a great weakness for indoor plants. Here, my motto is: more is more!

And when I'm not immersed in marketing or exploring the area with Jonte, you'll find me in Azeroth, where I've been battling epic battles in World of Warcraft for almost two decades.